Buyer’s Guide

I am excited to assist you in the process of buying your next home. As it is an eventful time to be making one of the larger purchases that you will make. I look forward to guiding you through and help in any way that I can. Below is a list of basic considerations that you want to be sure to address throughout the process.

Connect with a Mortgage Agent: One of the first steps in the home buying process is to connect with a reputable mortgage agent. They will gather your information, check your credit and give you the best idea of what you will be approved for in regards to a home loan. This will help us work together in search of homes within your price range. In addition, your mortgage agent will provide you with a pre-approval letter. It is essential we have this letter in hand for when we put in your offer to purchase.

Prepare Financially: Getting your personal finances prepared is essential. Making sure you have your down payment money set aside and securing funds appropriate for closing costs are vital. Your mortgage agent should discuss what these amounts are and how to best prepare. Refraining from any larger purchases during this time period is also important to not jeopardize your qualification amount.

Focus on a Neighborhood: Selecting a neighborhood can be tough as so many offer so many different qualities. Considering things like your commute, tax rate, price of homes that offer what you need and even schools systems (regardless of if you have children but for resale purposes) are all good things to pay attention to.

Home Inspection: Once you have written your offer and had it accepted, you will want to line up a home inspection. This step is one of the most valuable that you will spend your money on. A home inspector will give you a thorough review of the home, both inside and out, and provide you with a full report of the overall condition. Things like quality of construction, repairs both immediate and future will all be good knowledge so that you can best prepare your budget or in some cases modify your offer should they be substantial.

Purchase and Sale: After your satisfactory home inspection is complete, signing your purchase and sale agreement (P & S) is next. This document will solidify all of the terms of your deal from money down, any additional addendums and closing date. Be prepared financially to provide the money down in your deposit to accompany your signature of this agreement. This will be held in escrow until your closing date.

I am Your Resource: As a professional in the industry for many years, I have the expertise and knowledge for assisting you in the buying process. From area information to the intimate knowledge of a transaction, I will offer you with the white glove service that I have always prided myself in providing.